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 Eagle II Services offers our local customers (Rio Grand Valley) Networking Services including: data wiring/cabling, network design, implementation and management, Internet integration and DSL & Broadband Wireless Internet connectivity. With network technicians on staff and over 13 years of experience in the field. Eagle II Services offers professional, reliable network administration and related services. We are equipped to handle all of your network administration and maintenance needs.

We offer design, implementation and management of entire networks regardless of size. Whatever your needs are we can deliver the outcome you desire. With over a decade of hands-on knowledge, professional customer service personnel and  Network Engineer's. We can offer an affordable alternative to all of your Network needs.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

In a nutshell, VPN is a way for your offices and/or traveling staff to access your main corporate Local Area Network Over the Internet in a SECURE way.

If you have offices in different cities or different COUNTRIES  that you need connected together into a Secure System whereby your data can be accessed at the same time from more than 1 site or from the road,  then you need a VPN !

If you are looking for just VPN services to link a few outside users into our network for one of your offices, or you need several offices hooked up this way, Give us a call. We can help.

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These are the ethical standards that Eagle II Services upholds as essential, not only for its customers but also for the computer and Services industry as a whole. See details here.


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