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Professional Computer Upgrades and Repairs. (also see Networking)

Does your computer seem like it is barely crawling along, unable to keep up with what you want to do? Is the software you want not compatible with your current computer setup?

It's time to consider upgrading your computer or a complete system maintenance.  

Before you panic, it is not that bad or costly to bring your existing machine up to speed. We can help you get the performance you need at an affordable price.

We repair or Service most types of PC systems.

System Maintenance includes:

  • Scandisk Local Drives.

  • Defragment Local Drives.

  • Download Updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, and other installed programs.

  • Look at startup directory and startup system information to make sure Widows has optimal performance on boot up.

  • Uninstall any unnecessary programs.

  • Delete all temporary Internet files.

  • Run TuffTest to check Hardware performance.

  • Open case and clean all PC cards, Motherboards, interior and exterior case.

  • Replace any missing screws on case and boards

We can pickup/deliver, Perform Maint.on location (3 or more workstation), or you can bring it to us.


Valley Wide!


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