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Eagle II Services offers technical support International, here in the Valley and Mexico. Eagle II Services offers various hardware maintenance support plans for on-going support of our customers computer equipment. These maintenance plans are the Yearly Tech Support and The Block Labor Plan. The description and scope of our services are detailed below.  

Yearly Tech Support:

The Yearly Tech Support Program is a plan designed for users who require more flexibility, yet need to insure a prompt and guaranteed response time as well as quality services. For a fixed yearly fee, Eagle II Services will provide on-site computer support and maintenance.

         Guaranteed four (4) hours on-site response time

         Unlimited labor services

         On-site repair of equipment

         Replacement parts at Eagle II Services cost

         Unlimited telephone support

         Remote diagnostics

         Internet connectivity and e-Mail support

         On-site application assistance available

         Anti-virus sale, installation, updates and monitoring

         Needs analysis and assessment

         Quotation review of hardware and software

         Research and product recommendation

        The cost is based on a few factors that include the type of equipment covered, its location and its condition. Eagle II Services will conduct an complimentary site audit of all your computers and peripherals and then will provide you with a detailed proposal.

Purchase support hours on a need basis only ...

        The Block Labor Plan allows users to purchase a specified number of support hours at a discounted rate. To accommodate most customer requirements, block hours are grouped in 10, 20, 50, 80, and 110 hours.

        Block labor is purchased in advance and can be used for preventive maintenance, equipment repair, service calls, on-site consulting, installations, upgrades and more. There is a minimum of two (2) Block Labor hours for each service call.

       Block Labor Hours cover on-site support services and there is never a charge for telephone support or travel time. Block Labor hours which are not used at the end of the current year are automatically rolled into the following year. To request a FREE Audit from Eagle II Services to see which plan fits your needs, click here.


Please call 956-572-0323  if you would decide to purchase tech support hours.

These are the ethical standards that Eagle II Services upholds as essential not only for its customers but also for the computer and Services industry as a whole. See Details Here 



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